Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

  • Several Myths Concerning Overactive Bladder Syndrome

    When a person is unfortunate enough to suffer from overactive bladder syndrome, it can be easy to be embarrassed by this condition. Sadly, there are people who will often let their embarrassment about this condition prevent them from seeking professional care to alleviate this condition's symptoms. Myth: Only Old People Suffer From Overactive Bladder There is a notion among many individuals that overactive bladder is only a problem that older individuals are likely to encounter.

  • Things To Think About If You Wish To Offer Outdoor Massages

    If you work out of your home as a massage therapist, you may have the opportunity to offer variations on your service that might not be possible in a traditional clinic setting. One change you might wish to make is offering outdoor massages. When the weather is pleasant, your clients may be enticed by the idea of enjoying their treatment in your yard. While you'll have to have a plan for offering privacy — perhaps giving the treatment in a gazebo or putting up curtains around your back deck — this can be a viable way to help clients relax as they enjoy your massage on a balmy summer day.

  • 5 Ways An Athlete Can Recover From Surgery To Repair A Torn ACL

    ACL injuries are something many athletes are familiar with, since it is not uncommon for this ligament to tear while playing sports. If you tear your ACL, you will need surgery to repair it properly. While surgery will take you off the field or court for a while, there are several things you can do to help ensure that your recovery goes smoothly. Use the following tips for a timely recovery from ACL surgery:

  • 5 Pediatric Symptoms And Ailments That Require Immediate Medical Care

    All parents want to ensure that their children remain in good health, so when a child displays certain symptoms a visit to the doctor may be needed. If you are able to describe your child's symptoms to the doctor over the phone, medical treatment may be able to be safely delayed for a few days. You must also be aware that some severe and serious symptoms of pediatric illnesses and conditions can signal the need for immediate pediatric urgent care treatment.

  • Guidelines For Pre-Op Breast Augmentation Preparation

    Women have breast augmentation surgery for many reasons. Some are simply not happy with the small breasts nature has given them. Others have asymmetrical breasts that they feel insecure about or they are unhappy with their breast after childbearing and breastfeeding. Still others seek out breast augmentation as reconstructive surgery after having breast cancer. Whatever their reason, there are several key factors that are important to remember leading up to the surgery.

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    Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

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