Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Concerned About Your Aging Parent's Hearing? 3 Strategies For Initiating A Conversation

by Freddie Cox

During the past few months, you have noticed that your parent seems to struggle with hearing. Perhaps you have noticed that their television is always at full volume, or your questions may go unaddressed unless they are looking directly at you as you speak. Often, hearing loss occurs so slowly that people are unaware that they have a problem until it has reached a severe level. Fortunately, you can encourage your parent to get their hearing tested by using these strategies to compassionately share your concerns.

Choose The Right Time

A busy family gathering is not the right time or place to discuss health issues with your family, and it is especially important to choose a time when your parent is relaxed if you expect them to be resistant to your ideas at first. Make sure that your loved one is well-rested, has eaten recently and is receptive to talking about your concerns. If necessary, schedule a time when you can talk if your loved one is always busy.

Focus On Safety Concerns

People sometimes get defensive about their health, and your parent may initially balk at the prospect of scheduling hearing testing out of the fear that they may lose their independence. However, you can calm these fears by letting your parent know that getting hearing device will increase their safety so that they can avoid injuries that interfere with independent living. For example, being able to hear warning signals as they drive prevents them from having an accident, or they can avoid a serious house fire if they can hear the smoke alarm. 

Be Prepared to Revisit The Conversation

It is possible that your parent may initially be resistant to visiting a hearing professional for testing. When this happens, make sure to give them a little extra time, and revisit the topic when they seem more open to discussion. Offer to go with your loved one, and research some of their options so that you have further insight to share during later conversations.

Worrying about your parent's hearing loss can keep you up at night. Yet, it is possible to encourage them to seek testing without having to step on their toes. Since many people may not realize that their hearing loss has reached a critical level, giving your parent time and information empowers them to make the decision to seek out a solution for their hearing loss.

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Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

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