Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

  • Types Of Senior Care Facilities

    If you are learning about senior care or considering it for a parent or relative, you should start by knowing the types of senior care that are available. It's easy to get them confused when you're new to the subject. Several types of senior care facilities are explained herein.  Nursing Homes These facilities are meant for seniors who need a lot of care and assistance. For instance, they have complex medical issues.

  • Physical Activities To Avoid When You Have Neck Pain

    When you're stiff and sore, some moderate exercise can often help to loosen up your muscles and make you feel better. When you're dealing with neck pain, however, you have to be careful to ensure that your chosen physical activity doesn't exacerbate your discomfort. While there are a number of worthwhile exercises that you should be able to safely perform with neck pain — walking, for example — there are others that may leave you in more pain by the end of the workout.

  • Concerned About Your Aging Parent's Hearing? 3 Strategies For Initiating A Conversation

    During the past few months, you have noticed that your parent seems to struggle with hearing. Perhaps you have noticed that their television is always at full volume, or your questions may go unaddressed unless they are looking directly at you as you speak. Often, hearing loss occurs so slowly that people are unaware that they have a problem until it has reached a severe level. Fortunately, you can encourage your parent to get their hearing tested by using these strategies to compassionately share your concerns.

  • Several Myths Concerning Overactive Bladder Syndrome

    When a person is unfortunate enough to suffer from overactive bladder syndrome, it can be easy to be embarrassed by this condition. Sadly, there are people who will often let their embarrassment about this condition prevent them from seeking professional care to alleviate this condition's symptoms. Myth: Only Old People Suffer From Overactive Bladder There is a notion among many individuals that overactive bladder is only a problem that older individuals are likely to encounter.

  • Things To Think About If You Wish To Offer Outdoor Massages

    If you work out of your home as a massage therapist, you may have the opportunity to offer variations on your service that might not be possible in a traditional clinic setting. One change you might wish to make is offering outdoor massages. When the weather is pleasant, your clients may be enticed by the idea of enjoying their treatment in your yard. While you'll have to have a plan for offering privacy — perhaps giving the treatment in a gazebo or putting up curtains around your back deck — this can be a viable way to help clients relax as they enjoy your massage on a balmy summer day.

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Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

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