Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Your Guide To Menopause And Managing Your Hormonal Changes

by Freddie Cox

Given the concerns that many women about menopause and the discomforts associated with it, it's important to note that identical hormone replacement is a viable option that many women have used successfully. Its benefits are thought to include reduced symptoms of menopause, higher energy levels, and stronger bones as women age. Although the use of identical hormone replacement has been controversial and it's not yet recommended by all physicians, choosing how to maintain your health at menopause and in the years after is an incredibly personal decision. As such, it's best to speak with your physician about establishing a medical regime that is the most appropriate for you, your lifestyle and your expectations. The information discussed below will provide you with the necessary information:

The Basics Of Menopause

It is first important to note that as you go through the various stages of menopause, your hormone levels will vary significantly, which in turn can impact your symptoms and the way you choose to manage your health. While some women notice perimenopausal changes long before the cessation of their menstrual cycles, other women seem to slip into menopause with little or no notice. Women are often surprised by their menopausal symptoms, especially if they experience the change of life earlier or later than the average age of 51in the  United States.  

While there are a variety of choices for women in the U.S. today that can assist with the management of menopausal symptoms, the two most common are usually identical hormone replacements and synthetic hormone replacements. Next, you will find an explanation of both.  

Understanding Synthetic Hormone Replacements

Synthetic hormone and bioidentical hormones, used for the purpose of supplementing or substituting the hormones your body is no longer producing, are very similar in many ways. However, synthetic hormones are mass-produced and although your dosages might vary, you are essentially on the same medications that millions of other women have taken. That can be problematic because every woman is unique, and the way her symptoms of menopause are treated in the years before and after menopause should be similarly unique. 

The different amounts of progesterone, estrogen, progestin, and in some instances, androgens are not customized to your needs. At best, they are estimated, based on your hormonal levels, the severity of your symptoms, your age, weight, etc. That means that many women spend years trying to get the right doses of the right medicine...and those years are often quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, identical hormone replacements are also available. 

Learning About Identical Hormone Replacements

As mentioned before, identical hormone replacements are remarkably similar to their synthetic counterparts in several ways. For example, the hormones themselves are the same but are customized to your specific needs. One way that is done involves having a pharmacist compound the medication for you, based on the prescription from your pharmacist. Since that prescription can only be made after analyzing your saliva and determining precisely what it is that you need, the identical hormone replacements are chemically the same as the natural hormones your body produced in earlier years.    

Since hormonal imbalances are associated with higher risks of cancer, unwanted weight gain, abnormal hair growth, and mood disorders, restoring a normal level of hormones are essential for everyone. Identical hormone replacements are a popular way of doing so that it's easier for your body to tolerate and use. In addition, it's thought to be a more natural approach to a stage of life that every woman experiences.  

In conclusion, bioidentical hormone replacement is a popular choice for women who are concerned about managing their menopausal symptoms. Therefore, it's a good idea to be aware of the information shared in the preceding passages.

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