Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Why You Really Can Benefit From a Weight Loss Coach

by Freddie Cox

On the surface, losing weight sounds pretty simple. You eat less, and you move more. But when you start trying to lose weight, you realize what a struggle weight loss can be. That's why, when losing weight, it can be really beneficial to work with a weight loss coach. Here are some of the key ways a weight loss coach can help you stay on track and lose weight.

Recommending a Plan

Some people can simply decide to eat less and lose weight; however, most people have more success when they follow a specific plan that includes pre-set meals, lists of allowed and disallowed foods, and calorie and macronutrient goals. Deciding on a weight loss plan, however, can be really tough. There are many options available online, in books, magazines, etc. A weight loss coach will have had experience helping others lose weight, and they'll know what programs tend to work for people with goals and lifestyles similar to your own. They will also be able to help you lose weight in a healthy way. You won't waste time dabbling with various plans when you work with a coach.

Holding You Accountable

With nobody to hold you accountable, you are more likely to "cheat" on your diet plan. You might think, for example, "nobody will know I had an extra cupcake, so why not?" The temptation to cheat can be really strong, especially when you are first beginning a new diet plan. A coach will hold you accountable, asking questions about what you ate and encouraging you to do better. Just knowing that you have to tell your coach about it may keep you from reaching for that extra dessert or handful of snacks.

Answering Questions

These days, when you have a question about weight loss and dieting, what do you do? You probably look online. And then, you come up with different answers from different sources, and you don't know who to trust. It is so much better to have a trained weight loss coach who you can reach out to personally. You know their answers are based on education and experience, and you can always ask clarifying questions if you need more information than they initially offer.

While some people do lose weight on their own with no coaching, hiring a coach is a good extra step that will help you along the way. You should have an easier time losing more weight and losing it faster.


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Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

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