Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

What Services Do Same Day Medical Service Facilities Provide?

by Freddie Cox

In the last decade, same-day medical care facilities have been helping people receive much-needed care in a faster, more convenient way than ever before. Same-day medical care facilities are now located in nearly every city all over the United States. A wide variety of different types of care is available at these medical centers, and there may also be different medical specialists providing care at these facilities as well. These are some of the many types of services that are commonly available at same-day medical care centers.

Non-Emergency Treatment

If patients have illnesses or injuries that are not severe enough to go to the emergency room, they may receive treatment at a same-day medical care center. This can range from a sinus infection or the common cold to a sprained ankle or mild cut on the skin. If the illness or injury needs professional medical care but is not life-threatening, it can easily be treated at a same-day facility. These medical care centers are especially helpful for those who have active lifestyles or anyone who may become ill during cold and flu season.

Diagnostic Tests

If patients have symptoms of certain illnesses that need to be diagnosed before being treated, the same-day medical care facility is ideal for providing care. Getting tests such as influenza tests, COVID-19 tests, or testing for STDs at a same-day medical care center can allow the patients to get results more quickly than waiting for an appointment with a family doctor. The sooner a diagnosis can be made, the sooner the condition can be treated. These facilities can also perform X-Rays to determine if a patient has broken a bone or is suffering from a sprain instead. Some employers also send potential employees to these offices to have drug tests performed before hiring them.

Preventative Care

Same-day medical care centers also give vaccinations to help prevent patients from becoming ill. For instance, a patient can receive a flu vaccine or a COVID-19 vaccine before they have tested positive for these diseases so they are less likely to contract them and become ill. 

Performing Physicals

Same-day care centers also provide patients with physicals they may be required to have before starting school, starting at a new job, or playing sports. This helps ensure the patients are in good health before making changes in their lifestyles.

If a patient is suffering from a severe health condition, same-day medical service facility physicians can refer them to go to the emergency room. If they are unable to transport themselves there, an ambulance can pick them up at the facility and take them directly to a hospital to receive the necessary care.


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Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

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