Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

The Advantages Of Using Bioidentical Hormone Therapy For Menopause

by Freddie Cox

Many women experience severe symptoms when going through menopause. Menopause is a natural event in which a woman's body begins to slowly produce less of its female hormones, which initiates some major changes in their bodies. The worst of menopause can be staved off through hormone replacements, and there are two major types of replacement: natural and synthetic.

Natural vs. Synthetic Hormone Therapy

Natural hormones are derived from a variety of sources, ranging from plants to animals. These hormones are found to be as close as possible to the hormones that human women are no longer producing, though they are not always identical. Synthetic hormones, also known as bioidentical hormones, are created in a lab to be identical to the hormones that human women need.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is More Consistent

When it comes to natural hormones, scientists and medical professionals are looking for the "best fit." Because they come from organic sources, they aren't always exactly the same.

Comparatively, bioidentical hormones are developed in a lab. They are always the same, and they are exactly identical to the hormones that the patient needs. Bioidentical hormones cannot be distinguished from the hormones that your body naturally produces. 

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is Sustainable

Natural hormones often require a lot of effort to acquire. While bioidentical hormones just need the laboratory resources required to create them, natural hormones need to be acquired from plants and animals. That means that animals need to be breed and maintained, and plants have to be grown and refined. Bioidentical hormones are consequently gentler to the environment and more sustainable.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Doesn't Require Animals

For those who are concerned about animal cruelty, bioidentical hormone therapy sidesteps this by completing the entirety of the process in a lab. Other popular natural hormone therapies include pregnant mare urine, which requires that mares be kept pregnant and (sometimes) in cruel conditions. Often, the foals birthed by these mares are culled rather than being allowed to survive, which can cause ethical dilemmas in some patients.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is Safe and FDA Approved

Bioidentical hormones are entirely safe, while it has not yet been proven that they are safer than natural hormones. At the very least, they are as effective as natural hormones in treating the symptoms of menopause, so there isn't any negative to taking them, while there are some substantial positives. 

While "natural" is often considered to be safer, when it comes to hormone replacement therapy, this often isn't true. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that are identical to what people need, while natural hormones may be less predictable. If you're interested in hormone therapy, consult a clinic such as Nufemme Rejuvenation Clinic.


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Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

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