Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

5 Tips For Recovering From Lasik Eye Surgery

by Freddie Cox

Seeing as well as you possibly can will allow you to get the most out of life. Are you ready to face the day with better vision? If so, it may be time to have Lasik eye surgery to improve your vision. Of course, you'll need to consult with your optometrist to ensure you're an ideal candidate for this procedure. Once you've had this operation, you'll want to know the top tips for a full recovery.

Tip #1: Avoid rubbing your eyes

It's essential to avoid having direct contact with your eyes. This could lead to irritation and some issues that you'll want to prevent from occurring.

Be mindful of the things you do during the days immediately following this operation and don't touch your eyes.

Tip #2: Rely on prescription eye drops

You're likely to receive eye drops that will need to be put in your eyes daily.  Doing so can help reduce the chances of issues occurring that could delay your ability to heal quickly.

It's important to have these on hand to use after your procedure so be sure to visit your local drugstore.

Tip #3: Wear sunglasses

Protecting your vision from the sun after Lasik eye surgery is very important. You don't want to spend time outside without having a pair of sunglasses on if you wish to recover quickly.

Of course, you'll want to choose a high-quality type that offers 100% protection from the ultraviolet rays.

Tip #4:  Take time to rest

It's important to get the necessary rest to help your body recover after this procedure. Getting a good night's sleep is essential if you wish to spend less time healing.

Aim to take some time off work or at least a couple of days to help your body recuperate for optimal results after an operation of this type.

Tip #5: Don't wear eye makeup

If you typically take time to do your makeup each day, you shouldn't do this after Lasik surgery because you may cause irritation to occur. It's ideal to wait a few days before you apply any eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara.

Improving your vision may take some drastic measures on your part. However, all your effort may be worthwhile when you can finally see as well as you want. Invest in better eye health and you'll be glad you did when seeing isn't nearly as problematic as it once was.


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Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

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