Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Kiddy Sleep Is More Important Than You Think

by Freddie Cox

Does your child have irregular sleep patterns? This is something that some parents notice, yet fail to report to medical practitioners. Children can have issues with their sleep patterns for a number of reasons. These issues should be taken seriously because they can interfere with vital life functioning. Issues with sleep can even result in doctors misdiagnosing children for conditions that they do not have. The following points will help you to better identify and understand the importance of addressing any issues your child may have with sleeping.

Weight Control

It is possible that your child may attempt to eat more if they do not get enough sleep. This may be connected to them feeling at ease when they are full. However, unhealthy eating patterns can lead to weight gain. It is also possible for children to feel irritable when they sleep if they eat too much. This can lead to them trying to eat less, which can result in eating disorders or weight fluctuations.

Behavior Control

Your child might have been diagnosed with a behavior issue. It is possible that doctors or school administrators made the assessment without considering that your child might have a sleep issue. Some children have received serious diagnoses that are inaccurate, such as ADHD. This is why it is important to report sleep problems your child has to medical professionals. There is always a chance that your child's "acting out" is related to sleep deprivation issues. 

Disease Control

The human body has to be healthy to fight off diseases. This is about more than eating healthy. It also involves getting adequate sleep. Children with sleep disorders might end up with more sick days from school. Their bodies might also not be able to fight off diseases during the cold and flu seasons due to their immune systems being suppressed. 

Safety Booster

If your child is not fully functional due to sleep deprivation, they might be more at risk for getting injured. This means that they could accidentally injure themselves by walking into objects. They could also injure themselves by making bad decisions due to not being able to process their thoughts correctly. 

A neurological treatment and services provider is a good resource to use to identify potential patterns that are signs your child may need to have a sleep study performed. Sleep studies are neurological exams that can improve your child's sleep patterns, identify potential causes of sleep disruption, and give you peace of mind as a parent. 


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Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

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