Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Coping with Chronic Health Conditions: Tips

Looking To Spread Some Holiday Cheer With Your Kids? Visit An Assisted Living Community

by Freddie Cox

It is important to teach children that the holiday season is about giving. However, that doesn't mean that you have to give money or expensive gifts. If you are looking to spread some holiday cheer and teach your children the importance of giving during the holiday season, consider visiting an assisted living community. If you have never done so, here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about visiting one.

Why Select an Assisted Living Community Over Other Charitable Organizations?

At the end of the day, as long as you are giving back, it doesn't really matter who you decide to help. However, there are a few reasons why you may decide to donate your time to an assisted living facility over other charitable organizations.

One of the biggest advantages to visiting an assisted living community is that they welcome people of all ages. While volunteering in a soup kitchen or helping out in a hospital are both great deeds, many exclude children from partaking for insurance and safety reasons. This can make it challenging to find a project that you can do with your child and teach them to give back.

Another reason why you may want to visit an assisted living community is because seniors are often overlooked during the holidays. They may not have any family or their family may live out of state. Taking some time out of your day to spend with those in an assisted living community can mean the world to them.

Can You Visit an Assisted Living Community Even If You Don't Have Loved Ones There?

Another common question that you may be asking yourself is whether you can visit an assisted living community even if you don't have any friends, family or loved ones who are living there. The answer to that question is usually yes. Most assisted living communities welcome any guests and helpers they can get. However, it is always best to call first and check with the director of the facility.

Let the director of the facility know that you are looking to spread holiday cheer. They can help find a time that works best for you, them and their residents.

What Can One Do During Their Visit to Help Out?

There are many things one can do to spread holiday cheer at an assisted living community with your children. Depending on their ages, you may want to help the facility decorate for the holidays, go caroling at the doors of the facility, play games with the residents or simply sit down and talk to them. Some facilities also organize day trips for their residents.

During the holiday season, they may take their residents to a local mall to help them shop for the perfect Christmas gift for their loved ones. Offering to visit the facility, some place like the Stonehill Care Center, after this sort of trip and helping residents wrap their gifts can also be a huge help.

Can I Bring Gifts?

If you really want to spread holiday cheer, you may be considering bringing small gifts to the residents. This is very much appreciated by the residents and is often a great way to show your children how a small, inexpensive item can mean a great deal to someone.

Some great gifts to bring with you to an assisted living community include movies, books, magazines, board games, card games and pre-packaged holiday goodies that all the residents can share. For more personalized gifts, consider items like throw blankets, toiletries, and slippers. While home baked goods are often a nice gesture, for safety reasons, most assisted living facilities cannot accept them or serve them to their residents.

If you are looking to show your child the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season, you may be looking for volunteer opportunities. Volunteering at an assisted living facility can be beneficial to both you and your child and the residents at the facility.


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